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Who was known as the King of Pop?

What is the only silent film to win an Oscar for Best Picture?

What was the name of the TV show that featured Mick Jagger as a ringmaster?

What year were the Canada's Juno Awards first awarded?

Which "Doctor Who" actor was the voice of "Spotty" from the Welsh cartoon "SuperTed"?

Which singer was known as "The Walrus of Love"?

Which pop singer’s reissued Christmas album was subtitled "Snow Queen Edition"?

Who had a hit with the song "Don't Pay The Ferryman"?

With which tune, that references the Fab Four, did Joe Diffie go to #1 in in 1996?

In 2016, who portrayed Donald Trump on the TV variety show, "Saturday Night Live"?

During the 1990’s who recorded the albums "Out of Time" and "New Adventures in Hi-Fi"?

Who is the seventh member of the group LOONA to debut?

From which state does the US band "The Great Divide" originate?

Vanilla Ice's song, "Ice Ice Baby" samples the bassline from which song?

Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Scott Raynor formed which band?

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