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What are the nicknames of the twin sisters who work as enforcers for Darcy Parker, in the "Strangers in Paradise" comic series?

Who did Perseus turn into stone with Medusa's head?

Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hestia?

What French playwright wrote the play "The Lark"?

What massively successful novel did Mario Puzo publish in 1969?

The novel "The Starlight Barking" is the sequel to which popular children's book?

Barbara Gordon is better know as what heroine?

Who is Donald Duck's girlfriend?

Marvel Comics was acquired by which major media and Entertainment company in 2009?

Who wrote the novel "Tarzan of the Apes"?

Which singer's autobiography is titled "Take It Like a Man"?

Which French singer and actor sings the theme song to Disney's film "The Aristocats"?

What Transfiguration teacher succeeded Armando Dippet as headmaster of his alma mater?

What species are mingled to produce a Centaur?

What is the name of the large, powerful and hypnotizing snake in Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book"?

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