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What former NFL star was the author of a book about needlepoint for men?

What is Chopin's "Piano Sonata in B flat minor" also known as?

What does the abbreviation of Dana's police team, RCAT, stand for in the comic book series "Revival"?

What name is given to the metal bars running across the neck of a guitar?

First published in 1988, who wrote the book "A Brief History of Time"?

In the opera, "The Marriage of Figaro", who did Figaro marry?

The "Spanish Guitar" is also known as what?

What is the only food that cannot give Tony Chu a psychic sensation in the comic series "Chew"?

Who wrote the book "Great Expectations"?

Who wrote the 1996 novel "Certain Poor Shepherds: A Christmas Tale"?

What short name does Dana use to refer to her son in the comic book series "Revival"?

What year did Frank Miller publish the comic book series "300"?

What year was the second instalment of "The Faerie Queene" epic poem published?

Who created the comic book series "Strangers in Paradise"?

Where were the Pillars of Hercules located?

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