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What is the real first name of the former First Lady known as Lady Bird Johnson?

Seretse Khama was the first President of which African country?

What year did the "Turbot War" fishing dispute end?

Who was the first African American mayor of Chicago?

What is the name of the Chinese leader who died in 1997?

What is the name of the ship Darwin sailed on when he made his historic visit to the Galápagos Islands?

Who was the first US actress to be featured on a US postage stamp?

What date did the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place on?

On January 1, 2016, which Canadian province became the first one to allow the testing of self-driving vehicles on public roads?

On what date did the 2016 Dyn Cyberattack take place, rendering some of the largest Internet services unusable for several hours?

During which battle did the charge of the Light Brigade take place?

What was the name of the uprising that took place in Kenya between 1952 and 1960?

Who became president after Zachary Taylor died during the Compromise of 1850?

Who invented the cash register in 1879?

Which of America's original 13 states took its name from Elizabeth I?

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