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What was the real name of the gangster known as Pretty Boy Floyd?

Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were born in which US state?

In 1967, what company introduced the first consumer model of microwave oven designed for home use?

What year was the Jeddah Flagpole constructed in Saudi Arabia, becoming the tallest flagpole in the world?

What is the real first name of the former First Lady known as Lady Bird Johnson?

What union did Jimmy Hoffa head until his 1975 disappearance?

What war was fought from 1754 to 1763?

What year was the restaurant chain "Steak 'n Shake" founded in?

What year was the famous boxing match, dubbed the "Thrilla in Manila", held?

What 21st-century US presidential candidate had a spouse who was president of two colleges?

The original name of New York City was what?

Who was the first documented user of an alarm clock?

What country's transcontinental railway was finally finished on November 7, 1885?

The Camp David Accord negotiated peace between which two countries?

The word "Sandwich" is a reference to which 18th century English aristocrat?

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