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What Soviet operation forced over 2,000 scientists and engineers to relocate from East Germany to Russia to work on missile design and production?

Whose tomb was found in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt?

What year saw the start of Prohibition in the United States?

Who was the captain of the Bonhomme Richard in the 18th Century??

What Ukrainian city hosted the last World War II summit of the "Big Three"?

The Hundred Years" War actually lasted how many years?

The Khmer words for "city temple" give what building its name?

United States' observation of Mardi Gras was started in which city and state?

In the 15th Century, in which ship did John Cabot sail to Canada?

What century did the Icelandic Vikings first reach the island of Newfoundland?

Seretse Khama was the first President of which country?

On what street did the 1666 Great Fire of London start?

Who commanded the American forces in Vietnam until 1968?

Approximatly when did construction of the Colosseum finish?

Which organization owns Stonehenge?

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