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What wonder stood over 30 metres high in the Rhodes harbour?

In 1967 what new safety measure and device were introduced to the UK?

Who did Dwight Eisenhower defeat in two US Presidential elections?

What Ukrainian city hosted the last World War II summit of the "Big Three"?

Which nation's Conquistadors took over from the Incas?

What year did Great Britain claim the eastern half of Australia?

What year was the first official Association football game played?

What month in 2017 did North Korea fire a test missile across the Sea of Japan, prompting international condemnation?

What island country announced its neutrality the day after the 1939 German invasion of Poland?

Which famed hunter, scout, and showman of the Old West nicknamed his rifle "Lucretia Borgia"?

What year was the word "motel" first used?

Which African country was released from British and French oversight on Christmas Eve, 1951?

Who was the first British monarch to live in Buckingham Palace?

Albert Einstein was offered the position of prime minister of what country?

What year did Botswana gain its independence from the United Kingdom?

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