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What geologic period is also known as the "Age of Fish"?

The plane carrying what country’s national rugby team crashed on Friday, October 13, 1972?

In what year was the language learning site/app Duolingo launched?

What is the real first name of the former First Lady known as Lady Bird Johnson?

US President James Garfield died of what cause?

On what day of the week did February 29, 2016, fall?

The "Althing" is the national parliament of which country?

Which century saw the appearance of playing cards?

Who was the only US presidential assassin to die in the electric chair?

On July 4th of what year was the Declaration of Independence adopted?

How is "Albert DeSalvo" better known?

What network was primarily responsible for leaking over 11.5 million documents, collectively known as the Panama Papers, on April 3, 2016?

Sir Frances Walshingham was what English monarch's "spy-master"?

US President Woodrow Wilson was a member of what political party?

How old did Canada turn on July 1, 2017?

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