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What year was the Jeddah Flagpole constructed in Saudi Arabia, becoming the tallest flagpole in the world?

What reference book went on sale for the first time in 1955?

In what country is the grave of the famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant located?

The Khmer words for "city temple" give what building its name?

What year was the character of Betty Crocker first introduced?

Which pioneer of modern nursing had a cat called Bismark?

What flavor of Kool-Aid was used at Jonestown?

Which duo was the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1953?

What region was explored by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo?

On what day of the week did February 29, 2016, fall?

Of which country did F.W. de Klerk become president in 1989?

What century did the Icelandic Vikings first reach the island of Newfoundland?

In what city did the Hindenburg airship disaster occur?

Whose concert was the target of a terrorist attack in May, 2017, in Manchester, UK?

What year was the computer worm, "Father Christmas", released into the world?

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