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In what year was the first opera created?

When did Napoleon Bonaparte begin his reign as Emperor of the French?

When was Buckingham Palace built?

What popular destination helped popularize hot dogs in the US in the 19th century?

What year was Robert the Bruce crowned King of the Scots?

In July 1957, Althea Gibson became the first African-American to win what sporting event?

What year did the first commercially produced tea bags appear on the market?

The Mayflower is famous for being the first ship to transport what to the New World?

What was John F. Kennedy called by his friends?

What year did Jacob Schick first patent the electric razor?

Why did people go to Sutter's Mill, California, from 1848 to the mid 1850's?

On what day of the week did February 29, 2016, fall?

Which of Henry VIII's wives was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I?

Who was king of England from 1422 until 1461?

What network was primarily responsible for leaking over 11.5 million documents, collectively known as the Panama Papers, on April 3, 2016?

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