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Alan Shepherd was scheduled to command Apollo 13 before switching missions with what astronaut?

Who was married to Princess Anne in 1992?

What was U.S. President Wilson's first name?

Who was kidnapped on the night of March 1, 1932?

What was the name given to the French goverment which collaborated with the Nazis?

Which years did Henry VI reign England?

What structure did the Chrysler Building surpass in 1929 as the tallest building in the world?

What US Secretary of State received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973?

Who became president after Zachary Taylor died during the Compromise of 1850?

How much did the United States pay Russia per acre for the purchase of Alaska in 1867?

Junko Tabei was famous for being the first woman to do what?

What year did the Mayflower transport the first English Puritans to the New World?

Which female appeared on the 1999 US dollar coin?

What currency was used in the Netherlands before the introduction of the Euro?

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was fought outside which city?

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