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Who was the first US actress to be featured on a US postage stamp?

In 1979 what did President Carter apologise to Australia about?

What date did the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place on?

The Khmer words for "city temple" give what building its name?

What year was the first official soccer game played?

What branch of Christianity introduced the Advent calendar?

Canada's Maple Leaf national flag was introduced under which Canadian Prime Minister?

What popular destination helped popularize hot dogs in the US in the 19th century?

What Sioux tribe did Sitting Bull belong to?

How is "Albert DeSalvo" better known?

What US Navy intelligence vessel was attacked by North Korea on January 23, 1968?

On what street did the 1666 Great Fire of London start?

How old did Canada turn on July 1, 2017?

After defeating Martin Van Buren, who died of pneumonia shortly after taking office?

Which Canadian Prime Minister introduced the Maple Leaf national flag?

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