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What singer, who went to #1 in 1980 with "Lookin’ For Love", published "Still Lookin’ For Love", as his autobiography?

Who released an autobiography titled "Making Waves: The Autobiography"?

How many times does the word "jingle" appear in the first verse of "Jingle Bells"?

In which North American city would you find Joe Shuster Way?

What word comes from the Greek for "thick-skinned"?

What name is given to the metal bars running across the neck of a guitar?

What year did the Chew comics series debut?

What species are mingled to produce a Centaur?

What is the only nationality mentioned in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?

Whose autobiography is called "Tall, Dark and Gruesome"?

How many stories are there in Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales"?

What is the infirmity of Jake Barnes, the protagonist of "The Sun Also Rises"?

In the "Revival" comic book series, what is the family name of the brothers who try to sell pArts of the revivers?

Which Science Fiction author wrote "The Day of the Triffids"?

In the book "The Aspen Account", who is revealed to be dead at the start?

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