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In Shakespeare's play "Titus Andronicus", who is Titus' daughter?

In "The Adventures of Pinocchio", who did Pinocchio accidentally kill?

What is the name of the milkman in "Fiddler on the Roof"?

What artist, who died in 1986, was famous for her Southwestern paintings?

Who was the Greek equivalent of the Roman goddess Juventas?

Early on in the comic book series "Strangers in Paradise", what type of car does Freddie brag about driving?

Who is the archenemy of Spider-Man?

Who wrote the book "Computer Power and Human Reason"?

What was the last book novelist Harper Lee published before passing away in February of 2016?

What year did Dashiell Hammett publish the novel "The Maltese Falcon"?

Who flew too close to the Sun??

Including special characters, how many letters are there in the German alphabet?

Who wrote the 1958 book "Journey to Christmas"?

What former NFL star was the author of a book about needlepoint for men?

What Broadway team collaborated on "Flora the Red Menace" before writing "Cabaret" and "Chicago"?

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