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Which private investigator tried to find out who framed Roger Rabbit?

What actor played the role of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in the 1974 film "Young Frankenstein"?

What TV game show’s title is shared by tarot cards?

Which detective was played by Jack Webb in the 1960s TV show "Dragnet"?

Which Hollywood celebrity was born Dino Crocetti in 1917?

What cartoon featured a boy with a community of tiny people living in his wall?

While filming a segment for the show "The Grand Tour", what car did Richard Hammond crash in June, 2017?

Gord Downie, who passed away on October 17, 2017, was the lead singer of which Canadian rock band?

What famous congressman was on an episode of "The Golden Girls"?

In what 1988 did film David Bowie play Pontius Pilate?

What was the gang name of John Travolta and his cohorts in the movie "Grease"?

How is Alistair Leslie Graham better known as on TV?

Which nu metal band released the songs "My Way" and "Rollin'"?

What was the birth name of Bing Crosby?

Who directed the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life"?

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