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In 1993, Billy Dean took his version of which 1977 pop hit by Dave Mason to #9 on the country chArts?

Which US actor, widely known for his portrayal of Batman, passed away on June 9, 2017?

Who played Judge Dredd in the 1995 film by the same name?

What was the original working title of the movie "Help!", starring the Beatles?

Morten Harket is the lead singer of which band?

Who sang the songs "Bump n' Grind" and "She's Got That Vibe"?

Alec Baldwin started hosting which ABC show on June 26, 2016?

What cartoon featured a boy with a community of tiny people living in his wall?

Which American comedian was born Benjamin Kubelsky?

After leaving 10000 Maniacs, who released her first solo album "Tigerlily" in 1995?

What cartoon by Mike Judge is the 1999 film "Office Space" based on?

Who was the first host of "America's Got Talent"?

What TV show, sequel to an ABC sitcom that ended in 1995, was released by Netflix on February 26, 2016?

What group were Gerry Rafferty and Billy Connolly in?

What year did Belinda Carlisle release the song "I Get Weak"?

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